Hi, I'm Clare. I change behaviour to benefit people and organisations.


I specialise in developing resilience, resolving anxiety and thriving under pressure and in uncertainty.


I draw on neuroscience, executive coaching, psychology, embodied cognition, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, ego state therapy and other therapeutic protocols that work.​

"simply life-changing"

I change unwanted habits, thoughts and feelings, transform habitual unconscious patterns, and, put ideal ones in their place.


I prime the brain for change and use the natural tendencies of the nervous system to re-wire it's neural networks, whilst assembling and integrating the tools that are right for the person sitting in front of me.


The result is swift, resilient, generative change through a process that feels like a straightforward conversation.


I can do this because I pay attention to patterns and information that others don’t. This unique perspective, my skills from different disciplines, and an instinct to bring these elements together means I make connections and create positive change in a way that others can’t.


I have 19 years of experience across a range of organisations and cultures in the following contexts:



personal health

& wellbeing





& children

The mechanisms I use to create change depends on the need and the specific context:

individual support
therapeutic intervention
& training
key notes
& talks 

Start a conversation with me and change your life...

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