mind power for life

We recode the unconscious to benefit individuals and organisations. FAST.

We develop resilience, accelerate learning and help you thrive under pressure and in uncertainty, and, revolve stress, anxiety, and trauma.

 Our work translates into achieving more with less effort, better work life balance, wellbeing and mental health, and, a happier more fulfilled life.

Mind Power for Individuals. Mind Power for Teams. Mind Power for Life.

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what we do

We help elite athletes and leaders optimise performance without sacrificing wellbeing or mental health.

Our core expertise is recoding the reflexive thoughts, emotions and behaviours usually thought of as outside of conscious control, and, priming your nervous system to work for you rather than against you.

We offer one to one coaching, mental conditioning and psychological skills training to accelerate learning, thrive under pressure and in uncertainty, build resilience, and, develop confidence, clarity, and connection.

Our work translates into more effective athletes and leaders who are able to achieve more with less effort, perform consistently better, and, experience improved well-being and mental health.


Our clients call it “simply life-changing”.

meet Clare our founder


Expert Mental Performance & Flow | Mental Skills Coach USA Rugby Mens 7’s Olympic team | Experienced Stress, Anxiety & Trauma Resolution Specialist | Seasoned Executive Coach 

Clare is a multi faceted, highly qualified and experienced Coach.

She helps individuals and organisations thrive under pressure and in uncertainty, and, is known for creating profound and lasting transformation in people’s professional and personal lives, FAST. 


Clare has 21 years of experience working with senior leaders and elite athletes, people with decades of experience, and, new emerging talent, all leading minds in their field.


Mind Power for Individuals. Mind Power for Teams. Mind Power for Life.

Clare’s approach is science backed, practical, and, straightforward. She draws on neuroscience, anatomy, principles from quantum physics, non linear dynamics, philosophy and rhizomatics, NLP, clinical hypnosis, advanced linguistics, embodied cognition, and, traditional and Buddhist psychology.  


Clare's expertise is born out of practical experience in many different contexts, across a breath of industries and cultures, a life-long fascination with how behaviour becomes reflexive and how it can be transformed. The ability to select and integrate learning and tools from different disciplines, in real time, according to the needs of those she’s working with, practical experience in resolving stress, anxiety, and trauma based conditions and issues including PTS, OCD, autism, physical, psychological and emotional abuse and injury, debilitating pain and disease and terminal diagnosis. Being someone who walks the path, dedicates the time, and, is always learning and moving forwards.


Certificate Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health          Intensive Trauma Treatment, Bessel Van Der Kolk 

Trainer Brain-Based Leadership and Training.                Suicide Prevention Training

Trainer Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology            Clinical Applications of Polyvagal Theory in Trauma 

Hypnotic Coaching                                                           Diploma Clinical Hypnosis

Certificate High Performance Coaching                         Advanced Clinical Hypnosis for Trauma            

BA (Hons) Int. Bus with Japanese & German                 EMDR, CBT, Ego State Therapy in Hypnosis

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"simply life-changing"

 Ollie Phillips

Ex-England 7's Cpt, World 7s Player of the Year, Circumnavigator of the globe, 4xWorld Record Holder, Adventurer, Public Speaker, Charity Ambassador

“I first worked with Clare as part of the England Rugby Mens 7’s set up. She established herself quickly and shocked some of us by literally demonstrating the extent to which your mind either physically limits or amplifies what your body can do as an athlete.


Clare is easy to work with, has an innate ability to connect, and, can quickly change behaviour in ways most people think just isn’t possible. She helped me to understand how to manage my energy, focus attention, and shift states more easily. This had a positive impact on my game, my performance, and continues to be useful in other areas of my life.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Clare as an expert in her field. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and you can count on her when it really matters to draw out the best in you. She’s a great coach and a good friend.”

 Carlin Isles

Fastest rugby player in the world,  USA Olympian, Pro sprinter, Ex NFL, Redbull athlete

“Clare has had a tremendous positive impact on my life and opened up pathways that l never thought possible. She’s given me so many tools to access what I’m truly capable of, including how to better manage my energy and state of mind, how to switch between difference types of attention, and, how to stay focussed on what’s important without distraction, all of which help me to perform better, develop as athlete, and, as a man.


Don’t underestimate what she can do, she has a special gift, and, you can trust her to keep your confidences and your best interests at heart always.”

 Dr Dion Vaughan

Technology CEO, Hephaestus

“Clare has a fantastic ability to get to the nub of big issues whether strategic change or people or both. She has provided me with some great tools and frameworks and delivered some premium outputs.


I love her approach, which is scientifically rooted, but at the same time very practical and results oriented. A very easy person to work with I would really recommend her to anybody who wants to get the best out of teams and organisations, drop her a line.”

 Paul Gaskin

Divisional HR Director UK & Europe Serco

"I have worked with Clare for nearly 20 years. She has supported me personally, and, a wide range of people in our organisation with coaching, as they have faced various challenges, and, more importantly helped us all get over them.


She is far more than an executive coach and makes a tangible difference to the people and the businesses she works with. Her creativity and insight means she is able to deliver as much value in a short informal chat on the phone as in a formal face-to-face coaching or training session. She is quick and effective, a brilliant human being, and, very skilled in what she does.  


If ever I need a trusted person to help a colleague, I pick up the phone to Clare.”

 Jez Frampton

Former Gobal CEO Interbrand

"Clare genuinely understands how habitual behaviours are formed and how they can be changed. This, coupled with her ability to quickly identify the heart of an issue and create positive change means her results are effective and swift. In my opinion Clare is a meticulous and talented Coach who delivers sustainable results”

 Tony Roques

Head Coach - GB Mens Rugby 7's, Former England Mens 7's International

"I’ve known and worked with Clare for over 15 years. During that time she’s helped me greatly both as a player and a coach, and I’m forever grateful to her for the work she’s done with me.


Athletes and coaches often turn to psychologists to only improve themselves whilst performing. Clare understands that the ideal is far greater than this, that it’s understanding and developing the person as a whole that leads to the answers which truly make the difference. 


She identifies what drives the skills, behaviours and emotions that you want to change, which is often nothing to do with what is happening in the sports arena, and then fundamentally transforms your responses to those drivers to enable you to achieve the outcomes you want. She provides a bespoke menu of tools and interventions that work specifically for you, and this is what I love about her approach, that it’s not a one solution fits all. 


Clare has the knowledge, skill and breadth of experience to identify and provide what works specifically for you.  Continual check-ins and tweaks to your bespoke programme continually develop your mental skills,  improve your psychological conditioning and resilience and provide growth. This makes you far more self aware, more capable of helping yourself, and overall, has a huge impact improving your athletic performance and your life as a whole".