Hi, I'm Clare. I transform behaviour to benefit individuals and organisations.

I specialise in developing resilience, resolving anxiety and helping people thrive under pressure and in uncertainty.

I have over 21 years experience working with elite athletes and leaders in their field to help them be faster, stronger, clearer, more confident, and have more impact with less effort. The work I do results in improved performance, better work life balance and mental health, and, a happier more fulfilled life.

"simply life-changing"

I change unwanted habits, thoughts and feelings, transform habitual unconscious and reflexive patterns, and, put ideal ones in their place.


I prime the brain for change and use the natural tendencies of the nervous system to re-wire it's neural networks, whilst assembling and integrating the tools that are right for the person sitting in front of me.


The result is swift, resilient, generative change through a process that feels like a straightforward conversation.


I can do this because I pay attention to patterns and information that others don’t. This unique perspective, my skills from different disciplines, and an instinct to bring these elements together means I make connections and create positive change in a way that others can’t.


 Ollie Phillips

Ex-England 7's Cpt, World 7s Player of the Year, Circumnavigator of the globe, 4xWorld Record Holder, Adventurer, Public Speaker, Charity Ambassador

“I first worked with Clare as part of the England Rugby Mens 7’s set up. She established herself quickly and shocked some of us by literally demonstrating the extent to which your mind either physically limits or amplifies what your body can do as an athlete.


Clare is easy to work with, has an innate ability to connect, and, can quickly change behaviour in ways most people think just isn’t possible. She helped me to understand how to manage my energy, focus attention, and shift states more easily. This had a positive impact on my game, my performance, and continues to be useful in other areas of my life.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Clare as an expert in her field. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and you can count on her when it really matters to draw out the best in you. She’s a great coach and a good friend.”

 Carlin Isles

Fastest rugby player in the world,  USA Olympian, Pro sprinter, Ex NFL, Redbull athlete

“Clare has had a tremendous positive impact on my life and opened up pathways that l never thought possible. She’s given me so many tools to access what I’m truly capable of, including how to better manage my energy and state of mind, how to switch between difference types of attention, and, how to stay focussed on what’s important without distraction, all of which help me to perform better, develop as athlete, and, as a man.


Don’t underestimate what she can do, she has a special gift, and, you can trust her to keep your confidences and your best interests at heart always.”

 Dr Dion Vaughan

Technology CEO, Hephaestus

“Clare has a fantastic ability to get to the nub of big issues whether strategic change or people or both. She has provided me with some great tools and frameworks and delivered some premium outputs.


I love her approach, which is scientifically rooted, but at the same time very practical and results oriented. A very easy person to work with I would really recommend her to anybody who wants to get the best out of teams and organisations, drop her a line.”


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