about Clare

Ever since I was a child I wanted to know what makes people tick, to understand HOW they do what they do and WHY


This fascination developed into a lifelong love affair with neuroscience, coaching, hypnosis and psychology to master how behaviour is hardwired and how it can be changed. These are ever evolving fields in which I am continually learning and developing. 


WHY? I believe that everyone can better themselves, and, for me, to be able to create that moment, when time stands still and the realisation dawns that your world has suddenly changed for the better, is, quite simply, amazing.


I'm known for creating profound and lasting transformation in people’s professional and personal lives, FAST.


My expertise is born out of practical experience in many different contexts across a breath of industries and cultures, a life-long love affair with how behaviour becomes reflexive and how it can be transformed, the ability to select and integrate learning and tools from many different disciplines in real time to meet the changing needs of those she’s working with, being someone who walks the path, dedicates the time, and is always learning and moving forwards.


Certificate Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health          Intensive Trauma Treatment with Bessel Van Der Kolk    

Trainer Brain-Based Leadership and Training.                Suicide Prevention Training

Trainer Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology            Clinical Applications of Polyvagal Theory in Trauma 

Hypnotic Coaching                                                           Diploma Clinical Hypnosis

Certificate High Performance Coaching                         Advanced Clinical Hypnosis for Trauma            

BA (Hons) Int. Bus with Japanese & German                 EMDR, CBT, Ego State Therapy in Hypnosis

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