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Ever since I was a child I wanted to know what makes people tick, to understand HOW they do what they do and WHY


This fascination developed into a lifelong love affair with neuroscience, coaching, hypnosis and psychology to master how behaviour is hardwired and how it can be changed. These are ever evolving fields in which I am continually learning and developing. 


WHY? I believe that everyone can better themselves, and, for me, to be able to create that moment, when time stands still and the realisation dawns that your world has suddenly changed for the better, is, quite simply, amazing.


I offer high performance coaching, executive coaching and personal development but not as you know them.


I do things differently.  I'm interested in what works to benefit people and organisations so I continually research, develop and refine to create life-changing transformation for my clients and patients. 


I don't fit into a traditional box, and, have skills, training and experience across different disciplines:


Executive Coaching: Specialising in leading minds to thrive under pressure. 21 years growing senior people across a breadth of industries: Branding, Media, Advertising, Energy, Elite Sports, Banking, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, and Public Services. 


Clinical Hypnosis Specialising in developing confidence, building resilience, and performing under pressure at elite level. Anti-anxiety, resolving trauma, EMDR and Ego State Therapy and CBT in hypnosis. 17 years working with adults and children developing confidence, resilience and resolving phobias and unwanted habits. 


AnxietyUK Approved Therapist: Working with adults and children with anxiety disorders: GAD, OCD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety and PTSD.


NLP Trainer: 21 years helping people perform to their best under pressure in elite sports, business organisations and private practice.​

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