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  • Clare Sadler

How is it your brain works perfectly,until you get an exam?

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Exam and test anxiety is disabling and defies all logic. It doesn't matter how long you studied for, how much practice you've done, or what you know. None of this helps when when your mind goes blank, and you’re so nervous the panic is rising, you just can't think and nothing makes sense.

The fact is that most people focus on the wrong thing when they prepare. All the tutoring and knowledge in the world is not the one thing that actually makes the real difference when it comes enables to acing your the test or interview.

The nature of the nervous system is such that it forms associations that last easily, some of them are useful and some, sadly are not. Exam, test and interview anxiety falls into this category. The feelings of fear and panic are a normal and healthy response to perceived threats or danger signals. Your brain is just a bit muddled and, has mistakenly identified tests, exams, and interviews as life threatening (hence the debilitating fear). The good news it that this can be changed? FAST.

I do that. I change behaviour and specialise in creating resilience, resolving anxiety and thriving under pressure. I work with you, by having what feels like a normal conversation, to recode the triggers identified by your nervous system, in exams and tests and interviews, so you never have the same problem again.

See how much I can help you and be prepared for your common entrance exams, pre-tests, GCSE’s, A- levels, SATS, and school interviews.

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