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resolving phobias

You stand there frozen, heart in mouth, panic rising, desperately trying to figure out what to do next. Your heart pounds, you feel faint, you can't breathe, and time itself seems to stand still.


It doesn't matter that you are educated, articulate or a parent.  It makes no difference how much you reason with yourself, or how much you promise that next time will be different, a phobia is utterly debilitating and defies all logic.


So, deep breath .......... what if I told you that your body and your brain is doing precisely what it is supposed to do? That the fear and panic you feel is a healthy response?


At some point your nervous system coded the wrong thing as life-threatening, and, it can be re-wired to no longer see it as a threat. I do that. When you come and see me, we work together to re-wire your neural networks so you never have that issue again. And the great thing is you don't have to hold a spider, kiss a snake or jump out of a plane to do it. It feels like we're just talking, and I do the rest.






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