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recovering from injury

It's maddening. You put the time in and have done everything you were supposed to. The doctor/physio gave you the go ahead, you're fit, perhaps even at the top of your game, and yet, something is just not right.


Standing at the top of a black run, getting back on the pitch, or getting back in the car, coming back after injury sometimes feels harder than you thought it would. Instead, of what you know you are left with an uncontrollable glitch when faced with similar circumstances, or even worse, fear and anxiety. 


Trust me, you have done all the work you needed to, but this time it's not a muscle you can strengthen by yourself.

What if I told you that your nervous system knows more than you do right now, and is pulling out all the stops to protect you?  


Deeply ingrained in all vertebrates is the instinct to react to the PERCEPTION of danger without checking if there is ACTUAL danger. This means, it doesn't matter that you are the best in your field, the toughest, the fittest, the strongest or the most motivated, it's out of your hands as the ancient part of your brain kicks in automatically and unconsciously to take control.


I understand the issues and have lots of experience in resolving them. The good news is that this response, like all behaviours, is hardwired into your neural pathways. It is consistent and will follow the same pathway, individual to you, every time.


This means that I can identify the 'neural circuit' and change it. I work with you to do what you do better than you did before.






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