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spelling well

We’ve all been there….you can see it in their eyes - panic, confusion, and despair. They try to find the answer but it’s just not there. Their shoulders drop and their bottom lip quivers. They are broken. Words fail you, and your heart breaks.


Your children are a gift. You love them dearly - there isn't anything you wouldn't do for them so it’s heart-wrenching when they struggle and you do your best yet somehow still feel like you’re falling short.


This technique is all about helping your child to spell well, swiftly and easily, and, can be applied to other areas of learning too. It’s a simple process, which I tailor to you and your child, so that it works consistently. It's important for you to learn it too so that you can continue to help your child in the future.



The neuroscience

Neuropsychology researchers have matched patterns of firing activity and behavioural functions to specific groups  – or systems – of neurons (aka brain - or to be more accurate - nerve cells). These neural systems form the core of all your human behaviours.


In other words, your nervous system literally defines who you are. It regulates your emotions, perceptions, reasoning, perceiving, memorising, intuiting, and learning – it is literally the control centre of your life,


This means that all of your behaviour - including learning - is hardwired. So that there is a process (outside of your child’s conscious awareness) that they go through to get from A to B and acquire learning - in this case spelling. When it comes to spelling, people who spell well all have the same unconscious strategy in common. It is this strategy, and, how to tailor it to your child that is the focus of this approach.


How it works

Usually, a joint session with you and your child, with follow up sessions as needed. 






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