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leaders and teams

We work with leaders and game-changers who want to transform themselves and their organisations. 


We understand pressure and what it can do. I know how to prevent issues, undo damage, and, help people be resilient and innovative so they thrive.


We work one to one to rewire neural networks that and create lasting change so people achieve their goals FAST and stay at their best.  We work with groups to teach practical skills that help individuals, teams and organisations be resilient  - whatever the circumstances - so they rise to challenges for their own benefit and for their organisation’s. 


We also give keynote speeches and informal talks about a range of subjects related to developing leading minds, corporate resilience, and thriving under pressure including: Leading minds - why 'mind' matters more than you think, Nature's failsafe: why good people make bad decisions and how help them perform to their best, It doesn't make sense: why logic and understanding doesn't change behaviour and what does work and why, Looking after your own: how proactively preventing and resolving workplace stress and anxiety improves business performance, boosts employee health and wellbeing, and benefits the bottom line.


Common areas we are asked for support with are: 


  • Leaders - leading minds (including your own), coaching the unconscious for a change and accelerating development.


  • Optimising strategies including decision-making, innovating and being creative.


  • Resolving Imposter Syndrome, performance anxiety, procrastination, debilitating perfectionism and other inefficiencies, creating confidence to respond well to unanticipated challenges, and maintain focus for optimum development and performance particularly under pressure. 


  • Managing energy effectively, how to access specific performance states on demand, maintaining focus and performance in crisis and/or under long-term pressure.


  • Wellbeing - working one to one to help individuals and teams thrive under pressure, teaching practical tools to create resilience and resolve anxiety arising from work pressures, and manage or alleviate pain and related issues caused my long-term health conditions.

  • Pitching and presenting - using the natural tendencies of the nervous system to create the confidence to shine, the resilience to respond well to unexpected challenges with ease, resolve anxiety, maximise focus and optimise performance under pressure.






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