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I work with children, teachers and parents.  What I do translates into happy and healthy children, accelerated learning, enhanced academic performance, improved well-being and mental health.

I help in the following areas:

  • One to one, and, group interventions with children to resolve performance anxiety from exams, tests and pre-tests, common entrance, GCSE’s, A-Levels, SATs, and school interviews, as well as school issues such as bullying, and other family or life-related circumstances.


  • Talks to:

    • Demystify the nervous systems natural tendencies, and, the mechanism of fear and anxiety.

    • Explain simply what creates anxiety and prevents learning, and what this does to the body and mind.

    • Clarify why logic and interventions such as mindfulness can’t resolve the issues created by the nervous system, and what actually works and why. 

    • Show how resolving these issues and putting proactive measures in place improves academic performance, mental health and wellbeing.


  • Workshops, and training that:

    • Provide practical tools based on learning from neuroscience to proactively prevent anxiety issues, reverse their effects, build confidence and resilience, improve mental health, well-being, and academic performance. 

    • Help support children with existing anxiety issues in a healthy way. Explain what confidence and resilience are, and teach how to build and maintain them.

    • Teach age-appropriate vocabulary and exercises, and provide materials around anxiety, confidence, and resilience to create a common language and mechanism for children to share and discuss their experiences with teachers, parents and each other and provide a healthy way of expressing emotions (including anxiety) to prevent issues.


  • Support and supervision groups for teachers and parents to help them facilitate and deal with active problems, address questions about approaches and give feedback.​

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