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health and wellbeing

It doesn't matter whether you are educated, articulate, or a parent, sit on the board of a company or run the country. If you've ever tried and failed, to think yourself out of a phobia, stick to a diet, or avoid leaving that report until the last minute, then you know what it’s like to know what you want to do, yet, somehow be incapable of actually doing it.


We all have areas in life where we would like more choice, to change our patterns, give up old habits, and to be better able to do the things we wish easily and consistently. So if you are ready to change give up smoking, lose weight, settle on a new career, find a new direction in life, or do what you are already good at consistently and with ease then I can help. 


Unwanted habits are often established out of a need to alleviate stress, anxiety or worry, or when people are trying to function well under pressure. Sometimes these ways of being are learned - from our parents, our peers, our teachers - and sometimes they are simply a product of the nervous system doing its best to move your forward. 


Similarly, often those physical aches and pains, headaches, migraines or repetitive issues with back strain and reoccurring injury are signs your nervous system is perhaps not processing as well as it could.


Here are some of the examples of ways we help with personal health and wellbeing:


  • Career transition of change, new starts, finding a new direction.


  • Adults and children resolving performance anxiety from academic pressure (exams, tests and pre-tests, common entrance, GCSE’s, A-Levels, SATs, and school interviews), bullying, trauma, and life’s circumstances.


  • Parent-led support for children with anxiety under the age of 10.


  • Relieving migraines, headaches and general "fogginess". 


  • Resolving problems sleeping: including disruptive or irregular sleep patterns, early morning waking, or nightmares and night terrors. 


  • Resolving phobias, postnatal anxiety/panic attacks / PTSD / depression as a result of difficult/traumatic births and anxiety as a result of abuse or grief.


  • Recovery after an accident and/or injury, resolving associated anxieties and creating confidence and resilience.


  • Learning: optimising unconscious strategies to accelerate development, and make spelling and mental arithmetic easy.


  • Reducing or anaesthetising pain as a result of injury or long-term health conditions.


  • Resolving allergies such as hay fever and reactions to dust or animal fur. 

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