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families and children

People often mistakenly believe that they need a big problem, or have to be in crisis to get support but in my experience prevention is always the best choice we can make.  We all have areas in life that we'd like to do more, things we'd like to be better at, excel in, or, simply have more choice. As a parent, the desire to do the best for our offspring usually comes at the top of this list.


What I do brings families closer together, and translates into happy and healthy parents and children, accelerated learning, enhanced academic performance, improved well-being and mental health.


I specialise in creating confidence and resilience, resolving anxiety and helping adults and children thrive under pressure. These specialisms present in different ways, depending on the area in which I’m working. To put things into context, here are some examples of how I work with families and children:


  • Anxiety and all its guises:

​​ ​​

  • Adults and children - resolving performance anxiety from academic pressure including exams, tests and pre-tests, common entrance, GCSE’s, A-Levels, SATs, and school interviews. 


  • Resolving recognised/diagnosed issues including GAD, OCD, PTSD, panic attacks, and social anxiety.


  • Resolving phobias, postnatal anxiety/panic attacks / PTSD / depression as a result of difficult or traumatic births and anxiety as a result of abuse or grief. 


  • Recovery after an accident and/or injury, resolving associated anxieties and creating confidence and resilience.


  • Resolving issues as a result of bullying, trauma, and life’s circumstances.


  • Providing parent-led support and intervention for children with anxiety under the age of 8.


  • Building confidence and developing resilience in all areas of life, particularly in response to stressful situations.


  • Learning: accelerating development and making spelling and mental arithmetic easy.


  • Optimising strategies to stop procrastination in its tracks, make decisions easily,  learn from, or, teach others, easily and enjoy life to the full.


  • Pain: reducing or anaesthetising pain as a result of injury or long-term health conditions.


  • Allergies: resolving conditions such as hay fever and reactions to dust or animal fur. 

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