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I'm the Mental Skills Coach for the Mens USA Rugby Sevens,  currently preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.


I have a broad range of experience in elite sport including RFU Club England men’s & women’s Rugby Sevens, RFU Club England Elite Coach Development, Premiership Rugby Union, Championships League football, Track and Field, Tennis, Wakeboarding and Golf.


I work with elite athletes and their coaches to help them achieve their best and thrive under pressure by re-wiring neural networks to optimise their strategies, removing unconscious blocks to optimum performance, resolving performance anxiety and create unconscious automatic triggers for optimum performance.


I also teach practical mental skills to resolve performance anxiety, manage energy and focus, access and maintain optimum performance states and recover from setbacks or injury fast. I also work with team doctors and physios to accelerate recovery from injury, safely relieve or remove pain and specialise in dealing with forced retirement due to injury and the associated issues.


As a result, I am often asked to help with:


  • Thriving in a high-pressure environment, creating confidence, building resilience and mental toughness.​


  • Accelerating and optimising learning, maximising potential and communicating effectively under pressure. 


  • Dealing with setbacks, expediting physical and mental recovery from injury, and, the resolving associated stress and anxiety, managing pain from injury or surgery, and, analgesia.


  • Managing energy. Identifying, preparing, accessing and maintaining specific, and, bespoke mental states on demand for optimum performance.


  • Preparing and managing the mind for training and competition for best results.


  • Being pro-active in self-development.


  • Resolving performance anxiety in competition and maintaining confidence and resilience.


  • Managing emotions, including anxiety, worry, stress and the issues this can cause including repetitive injury and/or stalled recovery.

  • Supporting athletes through unexpected early retirement due to injury and resolving issues such as anxiety, disappointment, and anger it causes.​

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